Women Entrepreneur Small Business Spotlight Showcase Advance. Elevate. Innovate.
Aug 19, 2021, 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM
Rio Park Events,
3028 E Mishawaka Ave, South Bend, IN
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Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs
Event & Award Recognition Overview 

The Women Entrepreneur Small Business Showcase event is designed as a community business launch pad to advance, elevate and encourage new business innovations. We are bringing our community of women together to support women who are aspiring, new startups, struggling and seasoned entrepreneurs with

new innovative ideas, products, and services spotlighting their accomplishments. This event is an extension of our successful Women Entrepreneur Small Business Spotlight interview series.

Michiana Women Entrepreneurs to Watch 2021  &   Community Grand Opening Launch Party


Michawaka Business Association and C2 Your Health Women's Initiative Inc. are coming together to bring to you the opportunity to recognize outstanding, empowered, and inspiring women entrepreneurs with the

Michiana Women Entrepreneurs to Watch 2021. 

Women entrepreneur community leaders are coming together to throw you and your business

a grand opening and launch party! It's been awhile since we got together let's make it a blast!

Register your business, invite your friends & celebrate!

shop local 4 bags_edited.jpg
shop local 4 bags_edited.jpg

Event Details

Women Entrepreneur Small Business Spotlight Showcase Event is just around the corner!


This women entrepreneur showcase event will showcase

40+ Michiana women entrepreneur businesses recognizing and honoring entrepreneurs, increaseing community awareness of locally women owned businesses, boutique shopping opportunites, services and to network, build new relationships, engage and connect women. While shopping you can enjoy a delicious snack from Rico Suave LLC food truck with their delicious mexican food. 


We look forward to seeing you at this exciting and inspiring event.

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Our Schedule

Don’t Miss Out

11 AM 

H.O.T. Domestic Violence Community Ambassador Launch

12:00 noon

Women Move Forward Entrepreneur Mentoring Community Membership Launch

1 PM

Michiana Women Entrepreneur Women to Watch 2021

2 PM

Community Women Entrepreneur Business Launch Party! 

Women Move

Forward Entrepreneur


Community Memberships

New Program Launch

H.O.T. Domestic Violence Community Ambassador Program

New Program Lanch

Michiana Women Entrepreneur Women to Watch 2021 Awards

Small Business Community
Grand Opening Launch Party

It has been quite some time since we have all come together for a blast! The C2YHWI team is very excited about the Women Entrepreneur Small Business Spotlight Showcase Event inaugural community-wide launch party!


We are inviting the women entrepreneurs who did get an opportunity to have a grand opening for their business in 2021 to have their business grand opening launch at this Showcase Event.  


Together our community of women entrepreneurs 

will be celebrating women entrepreneurs in Michiana who have launched a new business opening, new organization, new authors, new business pivot or would like to reopen their business in 2021. 

To participate in the Business Grand Opening Launch Party 

you must be a registered exhibitor. 

Showcase Focus

The focus of this Showcase Event is to bring forward into the spotlight:

  • new business ideas

  • new business launches

  • new business startups

  • new business ideas, innovations

  • new  products 

  • new services 

  • new business pivots 

  • new authors

  • new ways of delivering products and services 

We will be introducing Michiana Entrepreneur Women to Watch a new women entrepreneur community award.

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Thank You to Our Community Partners

Partner with Us

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